Welcome to the Surrey Poultry Society

The Society was established in 1981 by a group of poultry enthusiasts looking to unite poultry keepers across Surrey. The aim of the society is to promote the health, welfare and breed standards of poultry.

The Surrey Poultry Society consists of officers and committee members made up of volunteers ranging from novice pet keepers to experienced show champions. The officers and committee members organise the shows, meetings and fundraising, essential for keeping the Society running.

The 2018/19 Officers are:

  • President – Rodney Wood
  • Chairman – Pedro Moreira 
  • Show Secretary – Terri Gregory
  • Membership Secretary - Margaret Harvey
  • Treasurer – Margaret Harvey
  • Secretary – Cathie Moreira

The 2018/19 Committee members are:

  • Bradley Searle
  • David Swabey
  • Chris Coombes
  • Dave Walker